Attention: Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors and Real Estate Brokers.
We are appointing Financial Services Professionals to join our Team!!!
Explore the benefits of our First Position Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Notes.
Short one-year terms, so your clients are in better control of their funds.
Fixed interest income so your clients can be confident in good markets and bad.
5% annually interest paid monthly to clients.
Great for single, joint, trust & IRA accounts.
GFNX Affiliates, earn referral fees from wholesale rates.
** This is not an annuity or insurance product.
There is no cost to become an Affiliate-Partner with us.     
If you have any questions you can reach us at: (800) 674-3145           
For more information, we invite you to one of our Live Webinars where you can ask any questions you may have and get the answers
*Just fill out the form and indicate what day you would like to receive a special invitation, emailed to you.
Simply choose Tuesday or Thursday.
       All Webinar times begin 2:00pm EST.
* If you have any addtional requests please call us at (800) 674-3145 or email:
* To apply as a GFNX Affiliate-Partner, please review and submit the following:
1) Review our customer site at:
2) Complete the form and then click on the "Go to Next   Step" button.